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Parent & Infant, Starfish

Starfish are children 6 months to 2 years of age.  The goal of this class is to provide experiences and activities for both parent and child to increase their comfort in the water.  Children will learn basic arm and leg motions and how to blow bubbles with parental assistance.  Songs and playtime are used so that children and parents are able to participate.  Parent participation in the water is required for each child. Class runs 30 minutes.


Parent & Tot, Seahorse

Seahorses are children 18 months to 3 years of age. Children will explore and develop basic swimming skills while gaining confidence going underwater.  Other skills developed in this class included retrieving submerged objects and floating with support.  Parent participation in the water is required for each child.  Class runs 30 minutes.


Water Discoverers I (Preschool 1, ages 3-6)

There are no prerequisites for enrollment. The goal of this class is to promote comfort in the water without a parent.  Participants will be introduced to beginning swimming skills such as floating and gliding on their front and back.  Lessons are designed to make learning fun while covering safety topics.  Class runs 30 minutes.


Water Discoverers II (Preschool 2-3, ages 3-6)

Each Discoverer should already be comfortable enough in the water to get their face wet.  In this class children will focus on front and back floats in addition to basic swimming movements without assistance.  Children will learn about safety around swimming pools and other aquatic areas.  Class runs 30 minutes.

Water Pioneers I (Youth Ages 6-12, Level 1)

Each Pioneer should be comfortable enough in the water to float on their back and go under water. Goals include: comfort in the water, gliding on front and back without support, and coordination of arms and legs for basic swimming propulsion. Class runs 40 minutes.


Water Pioneers II (Youth Ages 6-12, Level 2)

Pioneers II swimmers should have passed Pioneers I level or be comfortable swimming 15 feet with little or no assistance. Instructors will introduce the butterfly and breaststrokes while strengthening skills learned in precious levels. Class runs 40 minutes.


Water Explorers (Youth Ages 6-12, Level 3)

Intermediate swim level.  Each explorer must either have passed the Water Pioneers course or be able to swim 15 feet on both front and back.  In this class students will improve upon their from and back crawl while learning the breast and butterfly strokes.  Goals include:  increasing swimming endurance, treading water, safe diving and the basics of turning at the wall.  Class runs 40 minutes.


Water Adventurers (Youth Ages 6-12, Level 4)

Advanced swim level.  Participants must have passed Water Explorers or be able to successfully swim 15 yards using all swimming strokes.  Adventurers will perfect strokes and build endurance so that they may swim with ease and efficiency.  Advanced turns and diving will also be taught.  Class runs 40 minute.


Aquanauts (Youth Ages 6-12, Level 5)

The RAC's most advanced swimming class offered. Course focus is centered on stroke mechanics and other advanced swimming techniques. Aquanauts is a great class for those looking to perfect their swimming strokes, while looking to enhance overall swimming ability and endurance. Aquanauts should be able to demonstrate each swimming stroke a distance of 25 yards, or have passed the Water Adventurers class. Class runs 40 minutes.


Teen/Adult (Ages 13-Seniors)

In this swim class participants will be assessed based on their skill level.  The course will be adjusted to meet the ability of each participant.  the focus of this class is to build comfort in the water while increasing stroke efficiency.  Each class runs 40 minutes.

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