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Arthritis Aqua Fitness

The Arthritis Aqua Fitness class is a structured plan of exercise geared for those participants with arthritis and other joint related conditions. The course is perfect for any age or participant interested in increasing flexibility and strength through gentle movements, not in intense cardiovascular work.

Classic Aqua Fitness

This class incorporates a classic blend of aerobics, toning and stretching in chest-deep water.  This class may be the ideal start for those new to aquatic fitness, or those participants who may desire to maintain their current fitness level, or for those who would like a push off of a fitness plateau.  Classes are designated low intensity or medium intensity.

Current Cardio

This intense class will challenge all your major muscle groups. Using the resistance of the water with and against the current. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Deep Water Aqua Aerobics

An aquatics aerobic class taught exclusively in deep water, this course challenges the participants to a full-body workout with zero impact.  Any fitness level may participate, and flotation belts may be used for comfort.  Water confidence and some swimming skills are recommended.   Buoyancy belts will be available to participants if requested. 


Experience this new way to practice the ancient forms of yoga using the water to support you and keep pressure off your joints.  It can also act as resistance, creating more intensity for your workout. 

Power Walking

This class uses the lazy river for a physically-challenging workout.  Power walking takes advantage of currents created by the pool jets as well as by the participants in varying the resistance of the workout.  This class is perfect for those participants interested in a basic workout that can offer varied and individual degrees of challenge.  Participants are lead through various steps and paces by a trained instructor while continuously circling through the current channel.

SilverSneakers Splash®

In this fun, shallow-water exercise class you’ll use a signature splash-board to increase strength and endurance. Splash is suitable for all skill levels and is safe for non-swimmers.

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